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Written by: roughdraft on 2017-11-01

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roughdraft's review: Callout Comment Finally applied for and was approved for the Blue Cash Everyday card. My scores were in the 720's and I wasn't sure if I would get approved because of a little mishap that reported on my credit, but I was instantly approved for a credit limit of $2,000, with an APR of 16.99. I didn't think to call and ask for a higher credit limit until after I received the card. I actually applied for a CLI online and called customer service when it wasn't approved, but apparently you must have your card for at least 60 days before you can apply for a CLI. For now, I only plan on using it for groceries, so the credit limit suites me fine, but maybe later I can ask for more. I did receive 18 months no interest and $150 cash back if I spend $3,000 within 3 months, so that shouldn't be a problem.

So far, customer service has been good. I called to have my due date changed, as I like to keep all my due dates around the same time which helps with my budgeting. I didn't see any rewards on my first statement though so I asked the rep when I was having my due date changed about earning rewards and she did confirm that rewards are earned in a one month delay, so I won't see how much I've earned on my first month until my second statement. American Express is also supposed to be rolling out a new program in which you have the option to pay for large purchases over a period of time, rather than paying interest, you pay a monthly fee which is much lower than your interest rate, and you agree to pay for large purchases over a period of time, but right now I think it's only available to those who had an existing card, and new card holders would have this option available starting 2018, so we'll see.

The card itself is clear, by the way, not silver as I presumed which does make it seem cool but my guess is I am more likely to misplace it. Overall, I'm very happy with it so far!


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Finally Got An AMEX! User Icon on 2017-11-01

Remarks Outstanding score! You knocked 'em dead ... ! Feels good to score a card you really what. AX has a 3x at 60 plus days so you could keep that in mind for a CLI. You could search the worldwide web for the "how to's" on scoring a credit limit with AX. You must wait a minimum of 60 days after a card is opened before requesting a credit limit increase from American Express, unless you have another American Express issued credit card that has been open for at least six months. You must wait a period of six months in between credit limit increases from American Express.
Comment 2 by roughdraft
Re: Finally Got An AMEX! User Icon on 2017-11-02

Remarks Thanks for the advice Wanderer! I will keep that in mind. Other than an AMEX branded card I have through my bank, this is my first card with them directly.
Comment 3 by finance globe
Re: Finally Got An AMEX! User Icon on 2017-11-09

Remarks Great thanks to people like Wanderer, Frank and you Roughdraft for providing such great financial info to everyone.
Comment 4 by mrrob
Re: Finally Got An AMEX! User Icon on 2017-12-06

Remarks I know the feeling, congrats
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