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Written by: mocapino on 2017-03-07

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mocapino's review: I don't believe this falls into the Chase 5/24 rule, however, I waited to apply for this until I was below 5 accounts opened. I was originally denied even though I've had a Chase Freedom card with them for 2 1/2 years. I called the Recon line and was told they needed some address verification, which didn't make sense to me. I faxed it over and after a couple of calls to verify receipt, I was approved!!! Saddened with the high APR 19.74%, lower than my Freedom though. $6500 limit is also better than the Freedom. I'm in Texas, and they pulled my Experian -Card Acquisition Risk Score 705.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Finally, Amazon Prime Rewards Visa on 2017-03-08

Congrats on a great score! As to the Apr , the advertised lowest apr for purchases is 14.74% and you fell in the middle range. Often times the rates hit the low end with a proven track record at the bureau, less recent inquiries, AAoA is more than at the low end of years and so on. Note, every lender adjusts what I said based on their appetite for new card holders. I have seen some applicants get high credit lines and then hit the highest apr ... go figure. Enjoy the many benefits of the card. On other Blogs this card is hot stuff :)
Comment 2 by breakinger
Re: Finally, Amazon Prime Rewards Visa on 2017-03-11

Congratulations! I haven't had the chance to take a look at this card yet, but this card sounds like something I might add to my list. It seems like the higher APR's are really common now since everything I've been looking into has just that. Is it possible that once you get more established with this card that they may offer you a lower APR?
Comment 3 by tishbel
Re: Finally, Amazon Prime Rewards Visa on 2017-03-13

For a card that seems to require good credit to get, the APRs seem a little high. Did you get the $70 Amazon voucher for signing up, since the rewards scheme does seem very good for anyone who uses Amazon a lot.
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