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Written by: astrid79 on 2017-02-11

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astrid79's review: Just got this card after getting a pre-approval in the mail. Has a starting credit limit of $400. PLUS they offer cash back on purchases. People will point out that this card, like many like it, has fees. I'm willing to eat the fees in order to better my credit picture. I have other cards that i rotate on a regular basis. This will go in my rotation cycle.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Rebuilding on 2017-02-12

Likely you are aware, there are secured cards in the market place and often times a lender will approve an unsecured credit line (may be small) as a door opener. Capital One gave me a credit card unsecured with a $200 credit line. Not easily used but it built my credit up.
Comment 2 by goldbug
Re: Rebuilding on 2017-02-15

With easy approval and cash back it does look like this would be a good card for rebuilding credit, especially if you can pay it off each month. What are the annual fees, as the description just says $0-$99?
Comment 3 by tishbel
Re: Rebuilding on 2017-03-03

An unsecured card for building credit, with cashback? Perhaps I'm being cynical but what's the catch? Is it the fees? The APR looks pretty good too. How fast did you get the card after approval?
Comment 4 by breakinger
Re: Rebuilding on 2017-03-04

Would a card like this also be good for someone who is just starting out and might not have any established credit yet? My daughter is getting to the age where she is going to have to start building her credit and I've been looking around for something to get her started with.
Comment 5 by astrid79
Re: Rebuilding on 2017-03-14

I just checked my account online & I was stunned by what I saw! I've had the card now for ONE month & I've been given a credit limit increase! From a starting limit of $400 it's now been increased to $600!! I've never had a credit card that the limit is increased within a month of getting the card!
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