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Written by: breakinger on 2017-02-04

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breakinger's review: Callout Comment This type of prepaid card is perfect for someone who doesn't have good credit or they are just starting out because there is no credit check required. It's convenient and not affiliated with any banks so there aren't any overdraft fees. The downside is that there is an activation fee and other transaction fees which include- signature, PIN, In-Network and Out-of-Network, plus ATM fees. This card can be used to direct deposit your check or other credits to your account. There is, however, a $10,000 maximum balance on this card.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Great For Someone With No Or Bad Credit User Icon on 2017-02-04

Remarks Interesting ... good to know about options other than credit cards and bank accounts.
Comment 2 by goldbug
Re: Great For Someone With No Or Bad Credit User Icon on 2017-02-06

Remarks I'd be worried this card would get people more into debt. With the all the transaction fees and a monthly fee of $9.95, it is not going to be a cheap card to own, and even if you just leave it, the monthly fee means it will continue to cost you money unlike a standard credit card, and run down any funds you leave on the card. Even for a pre-paid card, I'd be looking elsewhere first.
Comment 3 by astrid79
Re: Great For Someone With No Or Bad Credit User Icon on 2017-02-06

Remarks It can't help anyone improve their credit & it won't get a "credit limit increase" because it's nothing more than a glorified debit card. It may FEEL like a credit card when someone uses it but at the end of the day it's a prepaid card. Better to apply for a secured card where that card CAN help someone with their credit & it WILL get a credit limit increase. I suggest applying for the Capital One secured card or even Open Sky.
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