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Written by: astrid79 on 2017-02-01

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astrid79's review: Callout Comment I applied for this card & was approved over a year ago. Starting limit of $300. Have had no problems with this card. Yes, I did read all the fine print & understood the fees structures. I like this card & the fees don't bother me at all. IF it did, I would have bothered applying for it. I recently asked them about a credit limit increase. Waiting for their approval.


Comment 1 by astrid79
Re: ONE YEAR User Icon on 2017-02-01

Remarks I meant to say in my initial comment that if the fees had bothered me then I wouldn't have bothered applying for it. It's actually one of my fav cards.
Comment 2 by goldbug
Re: ONE YEAR User Icon on 2017-02-10

Remarks It isn't a card I'd go for because I like reward schemes. Despite the lack of one and the fees, it does sound like a good card for anyone trying to rebuild credit, with a low spending limit, easy acceptance, and monthly reporting.
Comment 3 by astrid79
Re: ONE YEAR User Icon on 2017-02-15

Remarks I was in the process of checking my account online when I got a pre-approval notice that I was eligible for a 2nd card! $700 starting limit & fees much lower than my 1st card with First Premier! So I applied & got approved! Kind of funny how not even two weeks ago I requested a credit limit increase but was denied.
Comment 4 by breakinger
Re: ONE YEAR User Icon on 2017-03-04

Remarks Do you know why you were denied? I just tried to get a credit limit increase on my Mastercard and was denied because they said that I haven't had a long enough established history with the company. I've only had the card for a few months now and I do have a large credit line on my card, I just saw that the option was there on the website, so I figured I'd give it a try.
Comment 5 by boobie1998
Re: ONE YEAR User Icon on 2017-03-10

Remarks Your first increase with First Premier comes after 13 months...and you MUST request it, and they charge a fee of 25% of the increase...I have 2 accounts with them, hit the 2nd year on both. My original card started at $300...its now at $525, my second card started at $700...now at $825...so I have $1350 of credit with them, but their expensive cards, but have helped my scores greatly. After the first one its once a year...told to me by a service rep...and proved true with my accounts.
Comment 6 by astrid79
Re: ONE YEAR User Icon on 2017-05-15

Remarks I requested a credit limit increase this evening & was instantly approved for a $100 increase!! It now brings my credit limit up from $300 to $400. I've had this card now for over 15 months. They charged a $25 fee for the increase. I'm ok with that.
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