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Written by: patse on 2016-09-29

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patse's review: Callout Comment I love this card. It is very easy to rack up points and then you turn those points into gas! Who doesn't need gas these days. I've only had the card for about six months but I really like it so far. I almost only use this one when I am filling up my tank. I pay it off each month so the interest rate doesn't really matter to me. I did have to call once when I was charged twice for the same purchase. They took it right off, no questions asked.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Easy To Rack Up Points User Icon on 2016-09-29

Remarks Interesting card. Noticed commercials on the card. Glad you offered some insight.
Comment 2 by breakinger
Re: Easy To Rack Up Points User Icon on 2016-10-02

Remarks I've only seen this card advertised once and I wondered what it was all about. On average, how many points do you earn when you fill up? I've been thinking about adding a card like this to my collection just for gas purchases like you.
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