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Written by: hairandnails on 2016-08-15

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hairandnails's review: Callout Comment First off this is a card for people who have had credit issues. I was sent a preapproved offer in November 2015 for a $500 credit limit and the fees were $150. I accepted the offer. When the card arrived and I called to activate it, the rep insists that you make a payment but it's not mandatory. I paid the $150 and I used the card monthly for my Netflix and XM subscriptions and pay in full. In the beginning they would hold my payment amount from my available credit for 8 days but the payment posts the same day. Now my payment is posted and added to my available credit the next day. Customer service is always very friendly and I have never had a problem signing into my account or paying my bill. Bottom line, I could not even get a Capitol One card and Verve took a chance on me. If you are looking to rebuild it's a solid option if you pay in full the interest in not a factor. I'm going to close it in October to avoid the annual fee as my score has gone up over 100 points and I have several cash back, no annual fee cards but I will always be grateful to Continental Finance.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: I Have No Issues With This Card User Icon on 2016-08-15

Remarks Thanks for sharing on this card. It is useful to hear from real users on the card by providing insight. It is hard to start or rebuild so good leads help!
Comment 2 by breakinger
Re: I Have No Issues With This Card User Icon on 2016-08-29

Remarks Thank you for your detailed review on this card. My niece has gotten herself into some credit trouble in the past and now she is looking for a credit card to help her start rebuilding. How long was it before you noticed your credit score increasing?
Comment 3 by boobie1998
Re: Expensive Card, But It Has Helped... User Icon on 2017-03-10

Remarks And they will increase your limit, once a year. $125 each time up to a maximum $2000 limit. I've had 2 increases so far, my limit is $750, and they were surprisingly free...
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