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Written by: dudester77 on 2016-07-12

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dudester77's review: Callout Comment TU 562 EX 542 EQ 522
$50 deposit with $500 Credit Limit.
Great Card to keep in the drawer for rebuilding


Comment 1 by boobie1998
Re: Approved User Icon on 2016-07-13

Remarks Congratulations on your approval! I have this card also, and I like it. Just got a credit line increase on it after one year. I used to have a review of this card and my experiences with it, but people were getting nasty with comments, so I asked Finance Globe remove it, as I was getting uncomfortable...it does report to all 3...it will help your score. If you have any questions about it, feel free to contact me!
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Approved User Icon on 2016-07-13

Remarks Sometimes we have to apply for cards that we believe will help us build credit, rebuild credit and/or satisfy our needs. In the past I had Orchard Bank, HSBC, and some bottom feeders as that was all I could get. It took me from 2001 to 2009 to get a regular bank to issue me a regular card. So ... whether anybody else liked it or not, I did what I had to do!
Comment 3 by breakinger
Re: Approved User Icon on 2016-07-18

Remarks Congratulations on getting this card. I've never seen or heard of this card before. It seems like the cards that are out there to help people get back on their feet are the ones that they never advertise. Would this also be a good card for someone that is just starting out and has no credit history?
Comment 4 by boobie1998
Re: Surge MC User Icon on 2016-07-25

Remarks I've never had an issue with the card. Fees were spelled out plain as day...its a card for bad/rebuilding credit. It does what it says it will do. Its expensive...yes it is, the price of past mistakes. One day, I will move on from this card...but for now its fine. Like I said, I posted a extensive review on this card before, but people were getting vicious, so I asked for it to be removed. If anyone has q question on this card, please send a message to me...and I will give you my take on this card...Like my friend wanderer said, I did what I had to do...
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