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Written by: bc8787 on 2016-03-24

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bc8787's review: Callout Comment I have had this card since 2011 went thru the name conversion of this card back in 2013 I believe. I forgot what the card was called before that. All in all Citi is probably one of the best credit card companies. They get it. Balance transfers available all the time online along with 3 step credit line increase requests. I apply for a CLI with them about every 9 months and they always give me one. Its usually around 1,200-1,400. You can literally do everything you need to do with this card without ever having to pick up the phone. I wish ALL of my cards were like this. With chase, BOA you have to call for a CLI, i don't have that kind of time plus i don't feel with my 790 fico i have to or want to explain why I need/want a CLI. We 720+ ficos just should get a CLI just because well... we have worked hard for it right? We should be rewarded. I work for a lender as well and see at least 100 applications a day. Unfortunetely only %4 percent of the applications I see veryday are over a 600 fico, so when a see a 700+ I am very generous to the applicant for their hard work. Good job Citi. They will always be in my wallet.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Amazing Bank User Icon on 2016-03-26

Remarks Citi has been a credit provider of mine back to 2009 and has been strict but there for me. They have gone out of their way to accomodate my needs and I can only thank them for their services.
Comment 2 by breakinger
Re: Amazing Bank User Icon on 2016-04-02

Remarks I've been with Citi since 2011 and I've never had an issue with this credit card company. They have always been really great about any issues that I have had and give CLI as needed. The only thing I don't like is the type of rewards that are offered with my card. They don't really suit me.
Comment 3 by moco
Re: Amazing Bank User Icon on 2018-10-10

Remarks I think it’s kind of stuck up you say that. People are not credit scores, they’re people and people make mistakes and try to overcome adversity that they have been through. With people like you in this world only feeling fortunate to work with higher score people that’s awful. I work with a variety of very high score to very low score, I am fortunate to work with ALL of them. You don’t know what happens in someone’s life that causes a major turn of events that could take them from an 800 CS down to a 500 in a few months, I’ve been there and I’ve seen it, it doesn’t make the person bad, it gives them the experience and goal setting to make it better. This happened to me because of 2 car accidents within a year, none of my fault but I suffered in many other ways, so when I see people or hear people like u bc8787, you remind me just how discriminatory people still are, now it’s Credit Scores... geez and all the people here who say they should have a big CL because of their score, that they can understand if it was in 600’s or lower but not 798 or 800. I am rebuilding after losing my 780 CS and now because of cancer and medical bills and students loans I’m pulling out of debt, I’m only 46 I will survive this and get better and do will my credit, my question to you is would you survive in my shoes? Judging by the way u talk, it’s hoghly unlikely but definitely would be entertaining to see you try, so don’t knock all of us til you walked in our shoes... that’s not fair for someone like me coming here to get info and reviews to see stuff like that. Go back to your mansion there sweetie, the rest of us are gonna live life on the ground.
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