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Written by: wbueiz6466 on 2016-01-15

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wbueiz6466's review: Callout Comment I got approved with score of 577 Ck TU. That must be a record. I have 5 year old repo and my util is around 45% in 5 cc accounts with no late payments. One Wells Fargo for 3 years and the other cards around 6 months only. Hope this helps.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Happy So Far With Barclay User Icon on 2016-01-16

Remarks You must be doing things right as Barclay's can get particular ... congrats! Enjoy your latest score.
Comment 2 by bc8787
Re: Happy So Far With Barclay User Icon on 2016-03-24

Remarks How high is your credit line? I am about to cancel this card. I have had them for 3 years now and not one credit line increase. I request one about a week ago and they sent me a dear john letter with the only reason I have to many inquires, pretty strong decision considering i am 4 points away from an 800 FICO. All my other cards just gave me an increase at my request.
Comment 3 by moco
Re: Happy So Far With Barclay User Icon on 2018-10-10

Remarks To :wbueiz6466
I think that’s a great start!! You should be proud!! And to bc8787: cancel the card but quit whining about how they don’t do for you that your other prime cards do, then cancel, lord, do u have to pay a fee to get into the prime club card or is everyone as snooty and stuck up as you? Can’t u just be happy an individual trying to get their credit back on track. Your an unhappy person with a lot of cc debt who brags way too much about your score, honey, you couldn’t be me, you may have credit but you don’t have heart and it’s people like u that scare people who are struggling to fix their credit to come here and read reviews because it’s all about you, I’ve been reading and wish I could meet you IRL. A person who hasn’t a blemish on their credit such as yourself must be a lonely person... with no character, so get off the keyboard and just read cuz you look dumb and judgmental, that’s my immediate reaction when I started way in back reading your stupid out of date comments, karma she does come around and she’s not a nice person maybe, hopefully you get to meet her soon and be humbled so u can see how the tea people in this world live. It’s not all about what u got, I know 20 people that don’t have credit but they got more than you... they got heart and soul and I’m sure this site was meant for everyone not to cater to the super credit rich. So do ur self a favor and just stop. Please. Your giving me a migraine looking at you up in your ivory tower.

Congrats again keep up the good work on getting this chard wbuiez6466 ( hope I got that right) keep it updated and let us know how u like it. I’m hoping to get where I are as I just hired a credit repair agency, less than a month ago... ain’t no shame in my game, I’m trying to get up there agIn but not for any other reason than for myself- house is paid for just like I said cancer and got hurt and was out of work for a min. I love reading the reviews and responses, as long as they aren’t ignorant and bias, thanks kee posting and I apologize for my spelling I’m on a handheld device as in my iPhone
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