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Written by: nwalker30 on 2015-12-19

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nwalker30's review: Callout Comment I really like the clothing in this store so I wanted to get an account. I tried the shopping cart trick twice in the last week...nothing. Finally I tried my google chrome browser and cleared cookies. Added a few items in my shopping cart and boom the preapproval popped up! Put in last 4 digits of ssn and approved for $500. This is my 3rd card using this trick with NO hard pull to my credit file. Glad to have this card. Limit is not high but it is all I need and will keep me from overspending (although I typically pay in full for my cards unless its on 0% promotion)


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approved Via Shopping Cart Trick User Icon on 2015-12-20

Remarks Appreciate your explaining how the "shopping card" trick works. Hear about it from others but no explanation. Pretty slick that it is without an HP in the credit bureaus. Grats ...!
Comment 2 by breakinger
Re: Approved Via Shopping Cart Trick User Icon on 2016-02-03

Remarks I was wondering what the "shopping card" trick is. I have heard other people talk about this but have never really understood what it was. I also really like the clothes from this store since they have a lot of the style that I need for work. I'll be looking into getting this card soon.
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