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Written by: frugalfran on 2015-12-13

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frugalfran's review: Callout Comment I have had the Chase Freedom card for about eight months now and I am very happy with it. My husband and I have been banking with Chase for almost eight years and their customer service is above average. Now, having the Freedom card is one more plus to our relationship with them.

The Freedom card always has one percent cash back rewards and they also sometimes increase the percentage we get back on certain things. For example, this month, we're getting ten percent back on all Amazon purchases. That was great news to me since I do most of my Christmas shopping on Amazon! I was also able to link my Chase rewards to my Amazon account so I can use my cash back to pay for purchases with just a couple of clicks. When you're getting ten percent back, the rewards really add up fast!

All in all, I have found this to be a very convenient card and I am happy with the rewards and customer service.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Great Rewards User Icon on 2015-12-17

Remarks Many people have appreciated the 5% categories and the ability to earn Ultimate Rewards points. Of late, Chase has been more flexible in approving people for their cards. A person can use their prequal on their main website as a guide. A person with less than stellar credit may receive a smaller initial credit limit and a higher Apr but still get their foot in the door. Also, Chase has been approving credit limit increases generally with a hard inquiry and even giving auto credit limit increases. The world of Chase has been changing over the last year.
Comment 2 by djames
Re: Great Rewards User Icon on 2016-01-02

Remarks This sounds like a good card to carry. Would you know if it's difficult to get? My credit isn't terrible but it's not really where I'd like it to be, either. I had a rough patch for a few years after a divorce.
Comment 3 by 2darnbroke
Re: Great Rewards User Icon on 2016-01-08

Remarks Capital One isn't as hard to qualify for as some, but it definitely got harder after the whole credit crisis a few years back. If your credit score has been on the upswing, you have a pretty decent shot at qualifying, as long as your income and debt ratio is healthy now.
Comment 4 by bc8787
Re: Great Rewards User Icon on 2016-03-24

Remarks I too enjoy this card. The cash back rewards are awesome! I use this card, pay it off every month no interest and then cash in on the rewards and get cash back to my checking acct with them. I got this card when i used to work for chase in their card dept. Rule of thumb the qualifications for their cards is 680 scores and up. Below that have a very low chance of approval.
Comment 5 by breakinger
Re: Great Rewards User Icon on 2016-04-28

Remarks I just got an offer in the mail for this card yesterday. I'm really thinking about switching my one credit card over to them because the rewards just aren't working for me. I like that you can earn cash back with this card. I usually save mine up until the end of the year and then use it for Christmas shopping.
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