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Written by: katherine on 2006-03-24

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katherine's review: Do not apply for this card. You can have a good to above average credit score and your application will be turned down. And then you never hear back from them when you plead your case to reconsider. I have no extensive balances and no late payments or anything derogatory in my credit file. Please read the consumer complaints at consumer complaint websites. Numerous complaints about this lender and their poor customer service and then abruptly raising interest rates once you have a significant balance. I do not recommend this lender. I do have two trial lawyers on this issue with Advanta since this creditor is obviously derelict regarding any sort of lending aptitude or professionalism. Fair Credit lending laws are not recognized by this lender. Since others are complaining on other websites about this company I hope my legal action will get a class action suit started against these folks.

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