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Written by: boobie1998 on 2015-06-16

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boobie1998's review: On my search for cards to rebuild with, I came across this one from Capital One. This is my second account with them, as I have their Secured MasterCard...but this one is completely unsecured. Was instant approval, was given $500 starting line. Also mentioned that with 5 on time payments I will be eligible for a higher credit line! Website is awesome, and I was able to link both my accounts together with same username and password, so I see both accounts when I log in. I can can access both accounts with the Capital One Wallet app on my I-phone too...and can also use both cards with Apple pay if I want to. I was able to choose my own card design for free. Card took about two weeks to get to me from the time I applied. This card has NO ANNUAL FEE, a first for me!! APR is 19.8%, also a first for me. All my other re-builder cards are 29.99%, with the exception of the secured MasterCard I mentioned earlier, that is 22.90%. Card also offers 1% cash back on purchases, and an additional .25% when I pay on time for the cash I have earned... I am amazed that Capital One had given me a second chance. I had mentioned in my review of the Capital One Secured MasterCard back in January 2015 that I have defaulted with them in the past, but it seems I have been forgiven, and awarded with 2 pretty awesome accounts. The card also includes Credit Tracker thru TransUnion for free which I like, and updates once a month so I can see my credit building get better and better. My plan is working, and couldn't be happier that things are getting better. I definitely can confirm Capital One will help rebuild credit. Hope the review helps someone, and encourages other to hang in there...its a long process, but I know I will be just fine...


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Another Winner!! on 2015-06-17

WOW! A second chance is a great thing ... congrats on your new score and Cap1 Journey Card.
Comment 2 by boobie1998
Re: CLI on 2015-11-29

Awarded a $250 credit line increase today 11/29/15. New line $750. Absolutely zero problems with the account so far.
Comment 3 by boobie1998
Re: More Love Shown!! on 2016-06-01

Today June 1, 2016, my account received a $1250 CLI!! my limit is now $2000 on this card. Definitely made a good choice with this card...Zero problems. Clearly my favorite now. So nice to be rewarded to good behavior...
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