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Written by: boobie1998 on 2015-06-04

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boobie1998's review: Callout Comment I received this card through a mail invitation to apply. It is for rebuilding credit. The card is issued by First Savings Bank. They started me with a $350 limit, but the offer stated "up to $1500" but I had a feeling that was bull...anyway, I haven't had any problems with the card so far, I have had it since March 2015. Very good website to make payments, check balance, see transactions etc...Credit limit increases are offered, so it looks like it can grow for me after 6 months. APR is high at 29.99%, but there was no processing fee to get the card. $75 annual fee, but no monthly participation fees after year 1, so I was happy about that. It the first poor credit card I obtained without a processing fee or monthly fee, so I am confident my credit is improving. I use it frequently, and it doesn't seem to have a limit on payments you can. They have not held any my payments, available credit has updated the next day. I have been paying in full each month since that APR is so high. My first payment I made with my debit card, and there was a $3.95 fee for that. After that I have done them on the website out of checking account with zero issues. I am happy so far, and plan on keeping this one. I did have to verify my information after I applied, I had to send in my driver license and social security card, and the card took about a month to get to me. Not sure if they do that with all applicants, it could of been due to my name change after I got married...the card does not offer any type of rewards...hope this review helps someone out there.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Not A Bad Card... User Icon on 2015-06-04

Remarks First report on this card. Sounds like a good starter or rebuilder. Enjoy the benefit of having the card knowing your credit is growing for your future. Congrats!
Comment 2 by foofy2012
Re: Not A Bad Card... User Icon on 2015-06-05

Remarks I have the First Savings MasterCard version with the same terms and limit that you had received. I got mine in February, they said they will check to increase credit after 6 months, then every year after that. I have not had any issues with this card.
Comment 3 by boobie1998
Update! User Icon on 2015-10-01

Remarks Still no issues with this card, just was awarded a CLI of $250 at the six month mark :) New credit line $600. Received an offer in the mail and invited me to call in for it. Had to give a little info on income and debt. Increase was instant.
Comment 4 by rande
Question??? User Icon on 2016-01-05

Remarks I just applied for this card. I received a message indicating my application is being processed and to allow 30. Is that a denial or is that normal? Can someone please advise me on this?Thank you.
Comment 5 by boobie1998
Re: Answer For Rande User Icon on 2016-02-05

Remarks That 30 day message is normal. I received it also. But I had to send in a copy of my drivers license for verification. Not sure if they do that to everyone, but I had recently gotten married, so it was probably because of the name change. But it did indeed take almost the full 30 days to get the card...
Comment 6 by moco
Re: Not A Bad Card... User Icon on 2018-10-10

Remarks Thanks boobie1998, good to know I can have faith when it’s not instant approval, maybe there’s some other tangible involved, nice looking out. Gives me hope
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