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Written by: kimmy43 on 2015-04-20

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kimmy43's review: Callout Comment I just applied and was denied and my score.is 635.Just wondering why . Especially when I see those have worse and are acccepted.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Wth User Icon on 2015-04-21

Remarks In approving credit the credit scores is only part of the equation, most lenders have their own risk scoring models that look at the credit file, length of credit history, performance with the credit history, average age of accounts, addresses (verifications) and they may utilize more than the three credit bureaus. There are other sources of credit information that they may seek out. You have nothing to loose by reconning the denial (call them and review the matter). Sometimes security related to addresses will deny an app. At this point you have nothing to risk by contacting them as you already took the hit for a hard inquiry in the credit bureau.
Comment 2 by kimmy43
Re: Wth User Icon on 2015-04-21

Remarks How do you get a length of credit history when you can't get started because you always get denied.
Comment 3 by kimmy43
Re: Wth User Icon on 2015-04-21

Remarks I don't know if my application was even received and denied for sure because I saw something from Wells Fargo that said my application easy not complete but something else said I was denied.Not sure what's going on
Comment 4 by wanderer
Re: Wth User Icon on 2015-04-21

Remarks Call Wells Fargo and explain what you saw happen to the application. Truth, there CSRs are sometimes less than helpful but they may need help verifying. As to how do you get started with credit? May require a Capital One card (they are good for beginners and rebuilders). Secured Credit Cards from Bank of America, Citi Bank and a credit union are potential starts. Retail/Department Store Cards help to build credit and the approval requirements are generally more flexible (just don't load up on store cards).
Comment 5 by bc8787
Re: Wth User Icon on 2015-04-27

Remarks Dillards card is now with wells fargo which is VERY picky. They dont just go off score a lot of lenders use an internal scoring model. If you dont have certain things on your bureau (auto loans, mortagage etc.) you may score lower in their model and below their approval tolerance.
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