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Written by: boobie1998 on 2015-03-16

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boobie1998's review: Callout Comment This account was a pre-approval sent to me in the mail for $400. I am trying to rebuild my credit, so I checked out their website. They have nice merchandise, some things a little pricey, but i decided to apply to have another positive account reporting. They did indeed start me out at a $400 limit. I had read on some on-line reviews they are very good about credit line increases. Accounts are reviewed regularly. I bought some pillows and pillow cases for my bed. Spent a little less than $100. Delivery was within one week, and the merchandise was fine. I split the balance in 3 payments. Made one payment right away, the second was my first statement was cut, and the third on the second statement, I only paid $1 in finance charges. But I was rewarded with a nice CLI for $400. Now my limit is $800!! I was pretty happy about that. Didn't have any issues with first purchase, and I will buy from them again. APR is 24.90%, definitely high, but I expected that since they are willing to take a chance on people. So far, the card is a keeper for me!!


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Decent Card So Far User Icon on 2015-03-17

Remarks Congrats on obtaining this card. Good starter card and they are reported to report to all the credit bureaus.
Comment 2 by boobie1998
Re: CLI User Icon on 2016-10-15

Remarks Was awarded a $200 increase this month...limit raised to $1000 now. no fee
Comment 3 by boobie1998
Re: BIG CLI!! User Icon on 2017-03-10

Remarks Just awarded a $700 increase on my account. New limit $1700. No problems.
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