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Written by: k2bdm on 2015-02-23

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k2bdm's review: I've been working on rebuilding credit for a while, and currently have 627, 636 and 607 scores.
Applied for Walmart credit card a few months ago while scores were in upper 500's and was declined.

Applied today and instant approval with $700 cl.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approve Instantly on 2015-02-24

Congrats on breaking into the Walmart Family! As you know building credit takes patience and persistence. Keep at it ... your foot's in the door. It feels good too.
Comment 2 by bc8787
Re: Approve Instantly on 2015-03-14

Congrats! Syncrhony financial is VERY generous with their credit line increases. I ask for one about every 6 mos. My intitial wal mart credit card limit back in 2012 was 5K and today its up to 9,850. I love this card.
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