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Written by: betd316 on 2014-11-08

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betd316's review: I got approved for a $400 CL just made a first purchase I don't know how long I will use this card because they don't report to the CB's each month only if you fail to pay your bill. They do have brand name items a bit costly, but nice. my credit score at time is 595 Equifax.


Comment 1 by betd316
Re: Approved But Disappointed on 2014-11-08

Knowing that they don't report to the credit bureaus I'm not going to give up just yet. I wrote them an email and questioned this matter and I got a reply back that for privacy reasons I would have to call them and that the credit department would help me, so I will be calling this Monday 11/10/14 to see if I can get them to report to the CB's for timely payments. I love their products and when you call customer service is excellent, if I get my wish I will report back here to update everyone that is considering applying for this card. I'm so glad I found this site I love it!!
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Approved But Disappointed on 2014-11-09

Congrats on your approval! You are on top of this card. Surprised they don't report. Thanks for sharing on this product.
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