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Written by: john on 2007-10-09

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john's review: Callout Comment One month for some reason I did not receive a bill from them - and forgot to make a payment. Upon realizing it a few weeks later, I immediately paid extra and was hopeful that this matter was over. Instead, they raised my rate from 9 to 30 percent. When I called to talk about it, they flat out refused to reconsider their decision - even though I've never been late with them or any other credit cards in my life.

These people are dangerous - they look legitimate, but treat you like they're the mafia once you sign up with them. This is not an honest business - they make their money by trying to exploit your smallest misstep unlike regular credit cards. Stay away from them unless you want negative info in your credit report and 30% interest rate.


Comment 1 by meya
Re: Jon User Icon on 2007-10-09

Remarks John, I hate to say this but, this is what happens when we are late. They will jack you up with the highest rate imaginable. Keep a calender in front of you to stay on top of these creditors. To be honest with you, it is in the contract about making one late payment so there is no need to talk about how the creditor is no good or dangerous, they explained what will happen if we are late and defaulted on another creditor :(. They will jack your rate the same way if you was to do the same to another creditor. We gave them that right when we okay'd the card (clicked submit, or I agree).
Comment 2 by eric
You Messed Up User Icon on 2008-01-22

Remarks John you messed up... Deal with it... You were LATE and you even admitted it. We all make mistakes, some we have to deal with. This is one you will have to deal with.
Comment 3 by adicus
John. User Icon on 2008-01-24

Remarks As we speak Congress is having a hearing in regards to banks ramping up the APR and decreasing credit limits because of an oversight. This new law should grant us amnesty if we make a mistake and any APR & credit limit decreases will be based on our account histories. Our economy is not doing so well and banks are looking for a way to get more out of the American Consumer. My humble advice is to pay off all your credit card balances and keep them on stand by until further notice.
Comment 4 by meya
Thanks Addicus User Icon on 2008-01-24

Remarks That is exactly what I am on my to finishing. I put a halt to the cards when I came back from vacation last year (like that was reeeaaly a long time ago). I am just about tired of using my cards anyway, I am just dealing with the debit cards for again. When I use my debit card, I don't owe anyone money, just myself. History is all I need from my creditors.
Comment 5 by rockin35
Don't Get Angry User Icon on 2008-04-01

Remarks My advice to you, is to try not to remain angry with this Credit Card Company. After reading some of the comments from others, some of their advice may have appeared slightly harsh as well. Your right, they operate on consumer misfortunes so that's why WE as consumers have to stay 2 steps ahead of the game. I too experienced a similar situation with Bank of America, my balance was $3000 back in 2001, I missed one payment after moving, changing jobs etc, my interest went from 12% to 27.9. I didnt have the money to pay it right then, so I went online, applied for another card (HSBC) transferred the balance for 0 percent for 12 months, by the end of the year the balance was paid off. Within that same year, Bank of America wrote me a letter lowering my rate to 14% and increased my credit limit. I never used their card again but that one time of being burned, taught me to remain on time. So hang in there!!! Sheila (Rockin35)
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