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Written by: ksy on 2013-08-16

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ksy's review: I am a huge Hilton user applied for this card on Monday of this week online and got the 7-10 day message so I called . Very nice gentleman named Matt helped me asked a few questions and approved me for $11k my highest limit so far and my first Citi card. APR was like 16.5% my score in the 720 range.


Comment 1 by kdb030609
Congratulations !!!! on 2013-08-17

That is a nice starting limit ! Citibank will definitely take good care of you. They've got great customer service. What was your score at the time of application and APR ?
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Approved 11k on 2013-08-17

Congrats! Great CL and card. This equals a prime plus card. Hard to get and the FICO Score requirements are high. Nice work.
Comment 3 by flirishpm
Re: Approved 11k on 2013-08-21

I have this card too (Signature Visa with $9k CL) and you'll really like the reward options. I use mine to pay bills and to stay in Hilton brand hotels and the points add up quick. You get bonus points each month simply for spending which is great. Don't forget to sign up for partner points too like AVIS for car rental. You have options for redeeming your points for gift cards, merchandise or hotel stays. After a while, CITI will start sending you balance transfer checks in the mail and I use them frequently. All in all, a great card with even better rewards and benefits.
Comment 4 by ksy
Re: Approved 11k on 2013-08-26

Thanks for all the positive comments...... I this the APR was like 16.5 My score are in the 720 range...
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