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Written by: injustifiiable on 2013-06-26

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injustifiiable's review: Callout Comment Yay! I've been rebuilding for awhile and read that this was a good card to have even if you don't shop at Walmart...mainly because the free TU FICO score!!

Today I got a pre-qualified letter in the mail. I figured what the heck and responded online. Instant approval! I had to call in to Credit Solutions to find out the CL, which is $600.

TU file has 3 PR's, 27 good TL's, 1 unpaid C/O, 2 paid collections, 7 inquiries over 2 years. 100% on-time payment history since starting the rebuild over a year and a half ago.

Can't wait to find out what my TU FICO score is once I get the card. Hopefully I can get upgraded to the Discover version in a year or so. I'll definitely be hitting GECRB up every 4 months for those soft pull CLI's!!!


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Answered Pre-approval... User Icon on 2013-07-04

Remarks Good luck on the rebuilding. It is a long slow process. Your new Walmart card will treat you well.
Comment 2 by ksy
Re: Answered Pre-approval... User Icon on 2013-07-04

Remarks My Wife has this card started out with 1800.00 now after 7 mo I think its up to 2800
Comment 3 by injustifiiable
Re: Answered Pre-approval... User Icon on 2013-11-30

Remarks Got a CLI to $800 in November...
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