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Written by: cathy_diva1979 on 2013-04-20

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cathy_diva1979's review: Callout Comment I called 2 weeks later after I applied and they approved me for $150 and after receiving my card, I just decided to close it since I can pay $150 in cash if I want to buy from their store.


Comment 1 by bc8787
Re: I Had To Call To Be Approved User Icon on 2013-04-20

Remarks Good call. that cl is ridiculous
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: I Had To Call To Be Approved User Icon on 2013-04-21

Remarks AE is known (read other reviews on this product) for low starter CL's but they come through with credit performance over time. They also upgrade to a Visa Bank Card with a good track record.

Closing the account still leaves a hard inquiry sitting on your credit profile so choose your card opportunities after researching the product to minimize your product dissatisfaction.

Remember to not load up on department store cards as FICO scores like a mix of mortgages, installment loans, bank cards and department store cards. You already knew this but this is a reminder. Too many inquiries and a low "average age of accounts" can hurt too. Time to take a six month holiday and let the inquiries age and diminish their impact.
Comment 3 by arnojab
Re: I Had To Call To Be Approved User Icon on 2013-04-21

Remarks I think you jumped the gun on this one, I had their store card about 2 years ago with a starting limit of $ 330.00 and used it for for about 6 month before they up graded the card to a A.E. visa with a $ 2500 limit. G.E. bank does give credit line increases after a few month use on their cards, I should know I have a few of their cards, including Walmart discover that was upgraded from a store card after one year,and a Lowes card that went from $ 400 to $ 3400 after the same amount of time. Good luck to you with your credit .
Comment 4 by cathy_diva1979
Re: I Had To Call To Be Approved User Icon on 2013-04-30

Remarks Thank you everyone! All opinions are well taken :)
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