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Written by: njgal on 2013-04-18

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njgal's review: Callout Comment I received this card in Nov of 2012. My initial CL was $500. I don't know what my scores were, but I know they weren't good. I had delinquent student loan bc it wasn't consolidated (as was suppose to be). At the time, the loans were current, but in the months prior to approval, they were not. Fast forwards...after 5 months of paying $50 - $100 EVERY week (I would use the card quite a bit), I received a $1,000 credit line increase. Now my CL is $1,500. At the time of the increase, I had a balance of about $300. It should be noted that I filed Chapter 7 BK in Sept. 2011. One capital one credit card (limit of $500) and a deficiency auto balance of about $25K on an auto loan was also included in BK. My credit score is around 580 - 600 with the 3 agencies. I was also approved for a $2,000 Spark CL recently. I guess Cap1 will be my favorite account since they have given me a 2nd chance.


Comment 1 by bc8787
Re: Received CLI In 5 Months User Icon on 2013-04-20

Remarks That's so weird that they approve people with such challenged credit and they wont approve me with 700+ score. Oh well, after being an employee of Capital one for 2 years I know that they are an extremely werid company.
Comment 2 by karen61832
Re: Received CLI In 5 Months User Icon on 2014-03-30

Remarks $300 cl to start. Use the card 2x up to about $250.00. Paid it off in about 2 months. After the 5th statement cut I received a $1000 increase. A good card to have.
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