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Written by: boobear720 on 2013-04-10

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boobear720's review: Approved for $300 overall okay fee's are very high but need the good tradeline on my credit report best of luck everyone


Comment 1 by roughdraft
Re: Approved $300 on 2013-04-11

Yeah, they've gotten a very bad rep lately. Processing fee, monthly fee, highest APR's on the market. Check your scores and try for something with a little bit better terms. Gas cards, store cards, student cards and secured cards tend to benefit those building or rebuilding. Many of us on FG have been there, so we know its tough, but with time your scores get better. Good luck to you too.
Comment 2 by nakia777
Re: Approved $300 on 2013-08-12

I have to agree with the previous comment this was my first cc in a long time after bad money management they started me with 700 cl they are wonderful at reporting to cb don't know what my score was at time of approval but now they are all above 640 tu 650 ex 649 eq try capital one
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