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Written by: nessa on 2007-10-05

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nessa's review: Citi Bank has always been sending my husband offers in the mail and I just throw them away because you can tell between pre-selected, prequalified, pre-approval, etc: Well this week he got one that sd pre-selected!!! So I got on-line and put whatever info they needed to verfify and BAM, there it was Approved 2k!!! I was impressed because both of us are establishing our credit but I don't think they are bk friendly because they turned me dwn before. But hey I put myself as an authorized user so from my understanding they report on your credit too. Is that right Meya?


Comment 1 by meya
Nessa on 2007-10-05

Congrats on the hubby's approval. CitI will not offer me anything but a denial... Lol. Now Nessa, you are a OG member here, you know dog-gone-well that "PiggyBackers" are being withdrawn from accounts. I put the link in here on an Amex card (even though the AMEX card had nothing to do with what I was talking about) which stated that TU, EX, and EQ are noticing that many peoples who have no credit, or bad credit has increased scores by using someone elses accounts as "Authorized Users". They are going to take away AU's, which makes it difficult for those who acutally have good credit, and make them get their own accounts. Scores that were raised due to becomming Authorized users will drop significantly. So I will just say, be prepared for a drop in your scores due to this situation. I don't think it would hurt or bother you anyway because you just started, so if they did take it away from you, you are already building your scores and report on your own. It just hurt those who has been AU's for so long and do not have any accounts of their own. I am surprised that Citi allowed you to become a AU since they are not BK friendly. Oh well, what they don't know, wont hurt... Lol.
Comment 2 by nessa
Approval.... on 2007-10-11

Hi everybody. Does anyone know after you are approved with Citi bank how long it takes for them to send the card?
Comment 3 by meya
Re: Nessa on 2007-10-11

WAY TO NESSA! I see they rolled the red carpet out for you too huh? Lol.
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