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Written by: nessa on 2007-10-05

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nessa's review: Callout Comment This card is ok for only trying to rebuild. I just now closed my acct last wk and paid it off because when I called in twice to asked for increase they wouldnt give it to me. But when I called in this week to close acct they want to give me increase amount of $100.00 so I would have had $300.00 limit with them. I don't need cards like them. This month will be 2yrs ago I filed chapter 7. I have orchard $400.00, applied bank $700.00, capital one $1000.00, hooters 2k, and a few more and I almost forgot capital one approve me for auto loan up to 41k. So all those starters card you really don't need them anymore. Just my opinion!


Comment 1 by meya
***Nessa*** User Icon on 2007-10-05

Remarks Ohhh, we were on the right track with them. Well I would honestly say that you did not miss anything but a max $1k limit. When I called in to ask for an increase they told me to wait until my 6 months was up. The exact day of my 6th month they gave me a $200 limit increase. I now have $450 with them which means that in another year an a half I will have the max amout of credit they will offer. They are a fairly new bank that just started offering credit cards. If they are the same by that time, I will probably close or make it a sock drawer card (for hard times).
Comment 2 by dm
RE: Nessa And Meya User Icon on 2007-10-05

Remarks Great info as usual Meya. But actually, Credit One bank is the new name (as of 2005) for First National Bank of Marin. It is true, however, that they do not give credit lines more than $1000. On a separate matter, Aspire called me today regarding the BT I did and asked what they could do to encourage me to use the card. My response: "Drop the APR to 10% or less and triple the limit." Their counteroffer: "APR of 22.9 and a CLI to $2000." I accepted, but it will get sockdrawered until April when I come up for the next annual fee and then CANCELED (provided that I receive CLIs that match that 2k). BTW the APR was 29.99%.
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