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Written by: roughdraft on 2013-02-07

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roughdraft's review: Callout Comment I was at Sam's tonight. The greeter handed me a flyer that said, if you apply for the store card, or Discover brand card, you get $20 off your purchase of $50 or more. Coincidentally, it was time to renew my membership card.

I had not planned on applying for any new cards, but I thought, well $20 isn't bad. My utilization is high, around 60-70% right now as I charged some home remodels to my credit cards. I plan to have them paid by the end of March. Went ahead and said ok. It was a quick process and I was approved for $700.

I already have an Amazon store card and a Paypal smart connect account, so it helped that I have a relationship with GECapital. Both cards gave me automatic CLI.

The Sam's Club card is accepted at Sam's, Walmart and Sam's gas stations, but I don't know if its accepted at Walmart's? You can get up $60 cash back. Membership card and credit card are one. Other than that, high APR (as most store cards have) and no rewards. I don't know if I will hang onto this card long, as I usually take advantage of store card promotions, then close them.

Also, the cashier goofed when entering my $20 discount and so she had to call the manager over and he gave me the $20 cash, but i could have easily enough asked for $20 cash back, and it would have basically been the same scenario. I believe the cash back appears as part of the purchase and your standard APR applies.

They checked my TU score was 647.


Comment 1 by patrick12
Re: Approved In Store User Icon on 2013-02-08

Remarks I have the Sams Club private label retail card too and its very handy and worth the membership! GE Money will reward you with nice increases if you pay in full every month and never go over your limit! I went from $600.00 to $8,500 in just over 9 months! Congrats on your approval and enjoy your new card!
Comment 2 by roughdraft
Re: Approved In Store User Icon on 2013-02-08

Remarks Thanks Patrick12, that's good to hear.
Comment 3 by kdb030609
Congratulation's !!!!! User Icon on 2013-02-08

Remarks Sam's credit account will definitely grow with you. My experience is similar to Patrick's .I went into the club a couple years ago to get a new membership . They said I was preapproved They started me out at $1400 CL & in less than a year went to 10000 CL ! I always pay it in full every month as well ! The only thing it doesn't have. Is the ability to earn rewards when buying gas at SAM's ! So I got the Sam's discover for that. Was going to close the other but figured ! The first account helps average age of accounts.
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