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Written by: bc8787 on 2013-01-20

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bc8787's review: Callout Comment I went to dillards yesterday after not finding the boots i wanted at macys. I knew the girl was going to ask because the first question at the register on the card machine was "did the representative ask you if you wanted to apply for a dillards card today?" as i read it she asked I politely declined. The girl insisted I apply and told me it takes ust a few seconds. I asked her if I would receive any discount today for doing so and she said 10 percent. Being I worked at a retail store in high school and probing customers to open credit card accounts was my main job I know they have quotas so I was like ok fine. I had a ton of credit cards and dont need another one but I let her process the application. Was approved in about 10 seconds. Credit line $2,000. Not bad for a department store credit card and the fact that this is the 3rd account i have opened within the last 3 months. Does anyone else have this card? If so are there any perks? So far I am going to just pay the balance when I get the statement and probably not use it. I did read the terms and conditions (i work in loans and credit) so i always make sure to read all the fine print. It looks like on this card you get 2 points for every dollar you spend at dillards and 1 point everywhere else. If the points are redeemable for cash like my chase freedom card Ill probably use it every now and then.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Dillards American Express User Icon on 2013-01-21

Remarks Nice ... card. You have a good CL and rewards. Enjoy.
Comment 2 by tbboko802
Re: Dillards American Express User Icon on 2013-02-26

Remarks I love the card. My initial cl was 1000 and now a year later the credit limit stands at $7050. Customer service is great. Take care of your account and it will take care of u :).
Comment 3 by brent91055
Re: Dillards American Express User Icon on 2013-04-08

Remarks Agreed. My account started at a low 600 credit limit and has grown to 6000 in less than a year. GECRB is generous with credit line increases.
Comment 4 by brent91055
Re: Dillards American Express User Icon on 2013-10-26

Remarks CLI to 6k without even asking.
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