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Written by: akcredit on 2012-12-18

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akcredit's review: Hi FG,

I applied online on 12-14 for a Walmart credit card to rebuild my credit. Approved for starting limit $800.00. TU FICO 651. APR 22.90%. 6 Inq. I just cancelled Orchard bank ($300) because of AF of $59. Now I have Walmart $800 Merrick $1100 ( will be $2200 around FEB.) Capital one $500. I am AU on all of my wife's Accounts, also my dads accounts because of our family businesses. Been rebuilding from OCT-11. I have alot of charge offs that will be removed next summer. Hoping for a lot of CLI and maybe in the future for the discover version.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approved!!!!!! on 2012-12-18

Congrats! Walmart is a good card. Rebuilding feels great but it does require patience and time.
Comment 2 by akcredit
Re: Approved!!!!!! on 2012-12-18

Thank you Wanderer,

It is a good feeling when lenders tell you your approved. I hope they give good CLI maybe every 3-6 months and maybe upgraded to discover within a few years. Its a good card, also I can use it at Sams club. To build or rebuild credit it takes one card at a time.
Comment 3 by credit28
Re: Approved!!!!!! on 2012-12-21

Congrats!!!! what a great start.
Comment 4 by akcredit
Re: Approved!!!!!! on 2012-12-27

I got the card yesterday, already reported to CB before I got it. I forgot to mention I get a free TU FICO score every month.
Comment 5 by bc8787
Re: Approved!!!!!! on 2013-01-01

I have this card too. It is pretty convienient with the fico score every month and ability to get cash back at the register.
Comment 6 by mo2701
Instant Approval on 2013-04-01

Applied online and received an instant approval.
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