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Written by: bc8787 on 2012-10-25

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bc8787's review: Callout Comment I received an offer to apply in the mail today. I thought to myself, I already have 2 cards with them (platinum and american express american airlines advantage) and thought to myself, theres no way they will let me have that many cards with them. I figured i would try. Approved!! This is my 3rd card with them in 13 months. I figured I would take a leap and request credit line increases on the cards I already had with them. Approved for that as well! All online! I love that Citi makes it simple and you dont have to call in to do these things. I also like that for credit line increases they go off of your existing account and dont pull YET ANOTHER credit report like other lenders. I was approved for $5,000 on this card. my scores are in the low 700's.


Comment 1 by derek1061
Re: 3rd Citi Card! User Icon on 2012-10-25

Remarks Wow. Congratulations, Citi must really love you.
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: 3rd Citi Card! User Icon on 2012-10-25

Remarks Congrats! Citi loves you! As you stated they are easy to deal with and don't use hard inquiries for everything. I just received my third card and increased my credit lines. So, I follow your path.
Comment 3 by patrick12
Re: 3rd Citi Card! User Icon on 2012-10-26

Remarks Citi Bank is great! Congrats on your approval and what a great card to have! I love my platinum select card and use it all the time! I have 0% interest until september of next year on mine! Enjoy!
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