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Written by: valerian on 2007-09-30

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valerian's review: Callout Comment I applied & was approved for the Tribute Mastercard on the 16th of September. I got the card in the mail on the 28th. So I made a telephone payment for the initial $20 that's required to activate the card. I did this & was informed that I'll be able to start using it on 6 October.

I'm well aware of the high annual fee but I can accept that. I figure it this way:
So long as I make timely monthly payments, don't go over my credit limit & use my card responsibly then I shouldn't have any problems.

I've read in various places on the internet how it's highway robbery that credit card companies like Tribute have such high annual fees. You know what? It doesn't bother me. IF it did then I wouldn't have applied for this card. I fully read all the fine print & have no problems with it. TOO many people get cards like this & then are shocked to discover the high fees that they say they weren't aware of. Then they claim they're being ripped off. That's B. S.

The terms & conditions of this & ANY credit card are clearly spelled out. To claim ignorance is a cop out. I'm more than satisfied with this card.


Comment 1 by larry
Valerian User Icon on 2007-09-30

Remarks Way to go... I totally agree with you...
Its interesting too see all the bad remarks... I guess
they cant read... My self, my offer was with no fees at all... Not even the 20.00 dollars... My offer came in the mail... I took though it was 29% interest... Im finding out many people are getting hit with those big fees. I
guess it just depends on you credit... Enjoy your card...
Comment 2 by steph
Valerian & Larry User Icon on 2007-10-01

Remarks I'm glad that you two have positive results so far with this card, I believe there are a few isolated incidents with accepting payments and customer service issues. Majority of the people who accept this card are aware of the fees associated with this card, including the high interest rate, but are wiiling to accept it because of their present credit situation. Hey you gotta start somewhere right? But when you have bad customer service experiences and the company not posting to the account payments that are made in advance, then adding late fees and other charges on top of it, people tend to get upset and feel taken advantage of. However you guys keep posting your experiences. Maybe we can get some more positives for this card.
Comment 3 by windskyair
BS Card User Icon on 2007-10-22

Remarks I got this card and was well aware of the high interest on the card.
The problem is their customer service.
Let me tell you about a little nightmare... Attached is my letter to them dated: October 22, 2007:
To Whom It May Concern:
Earlier this year, I obtained a Tribute Mastercard. As I have had poor credit (due to a cancer diagnosis), it was the best way for me to rebuild my credit.
I made my initial payment in April. Then again at the end of May, I made a payment of $40.00. I assumed that the payment would cover both May and June. However, towards the end of June,
I received a call from one of the Customer Service Reps. It was a gentleman. He informed me that I was behind on my payment. I told him that I had made a payment at the end of May of $40.00 and since my bill was $20.00 a month that should have covered me.
The gentleman I spoke to said that because I made it before the posting date it counted towards my balance and not the next months payment. He stated that I needed to pay $60.00 to bring my account current. I asked him what if I paid $100.00. He said that I would not have another payment due until September 7, 2007. I then made the $100.00 payment.
Towards the middle or the end of August, I received another call from another Customer Service Representative who stated that I had late fees and now an over limit charge as I had not made payment on August 7, 2007. I explained that the gentleman I talked to in June had said that I would not have another payment due until September 7, 2007. She then promised to have a supervisor call me back.
The supervisor called me back and apologized stating that she would have the late and over limit fees waived if I could make a payment that day. As the gentleman I had spoken with had gotten his dates confused. I then made another payment and asked when the next one would be due. She said that it would be due on October 7, 2007. She also said that I should write it down. Which I did.
On October 4, 2007, I went online to pay my payment. I noticed that not only were the over limit fee and late fee still on from August, but I was then charged another over limit fee in September. I emailed your company numerous times asking for a resolution. I indicated that I would not pay until someone was able to resolve the issues that keep happening with my account.
I received no reply until I emailed again on the 5th. I have attached copies of the emails to this letter. When it was apparent that there would be no resolution to my email regarding the August fees (that were already supposed to have been waived) and the September fee, I placed a call after hunting down the phone number on the web. (It is not listed at the www.Mytributecard.com website.)
The supervisor that I spoke with that day finally told me that the August fees would be waived. But now they added October fees, though I tried to clear the account before my due date. When I asked about that, the lady told me they could not waive the fees. I think this whole mess is unreal.

I have contacted you and every time made a payment in good faith that the account would be resolved. As yet, it has not. It is a matter of principal and your company is not acting with good principals at this time.

In addition, when I asked for copies of my statements, because when I checked online- it said that they were not currently available, I was told that I could get them for $5.00 a sheet. I told the lady that since they were not available online and I have never received one in the mail, they should provide them to me at no cost. She stated that she would do that with one sheet and that was all. Then the funniest thing happened this weekend, I received the statement for October 2007 that I had never received prior to me calling and complaining that I havent received a statement.

I would really like to pay this account payment, but I would your company to show some of the good faith that I have shown to you. Please remove the October and September late/ over limit fees so that my account will finally have the resolution that it should have had a long time ago.

FYI- I have been the Customer Service Manager for several different companies over the years, I would have to say that some of your representatives are seriously lacking follow-through skills and the simple ability to listen to what their customers are actually saying to them.
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