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Written by: kdb030609 on 2012-09-12

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kdb030609's review: Callout Comment I applied in the store . When I called to activate the card . I found
out that there are two seperate accounts ! One for Macy's in store
purchases which has an $800 CL & the purchases outside the store
Using the American Express brand is & $6000 CL ! I was unaware
that they did this ! I'm suprized the amount for inside Macy's
isn't higher than the limit when using the AMEX Brand ! Is anyone
else familiar with this? Also does it report as one or two accounts
On your credit reports ? All FICO scores are in the high 700! The
Salesperson at the register said I was lucky ! I had to laugh cause luck has little to do with it !


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Instant Approval ! MACY'S AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD User Icon on 2012-09-12

Remarks WOW! Congrats. The AX CL is super. Likely you will be able to use your AX at many more places so the large CL is better. In the store, how often would we be purchasing more than $800 worth of anything in a month?! Your credit scores are super.
Comment 2 by patrick12
Re: Instant Approval ! MACY'S AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD User Icon on 2012-09-14

Remarks The Macy's AMEX is a great card, however, make sure you pay in full each month! The APR is 24.9%! Yikes! Other than that, Macy's is a great card to have in your wallet! Take care of them and they will reward you with VERY generous credit line increases!
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