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Written by: kdrisc on 2012-09-06

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kdrisc's review: Callout Comment I got this card to help rebuild my credit started with a $300 limit and after 6 month went to $500 and has been there for two years. i have never gone over my limit or been late always pay in full sometimes two or three times a month. one time i spent $1600 on this card in one month without going over the $500 limit and capital one will not raise my limit. one of the negatives on my credit report is that my limits are to low. i don't have the best score so this really hurts and closing my oldest card would no help so capital one has me in a bind. i have contacted them servile times and they will not help they offed me another card that should have a better limit they said so i tock the offer and they gave me guess what a $500 limit so now they lowered my average time history and and gave me more low limits. they do not care about there costumers they hope that you will go over there limit so they will get a fee but they will give you more than one account so maybe they can get more than one fee


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Never Raised Limit User Icon on 2012-09-06

Remarks Unfortunately this is the standard operating model for Capital One. Your review nailed it. There is a posting on this site that writes up Capital One's methods which only confirms your findings. It seems time, score improvement and attempts to acquire better more prime cards is the answer. You may want to look at a Credit Union or even a secured card(s) from Bank America, Citi Bank, US Bank as alternatives too. Most of the time, secured cards become unsecured after nine to eighteen months and they usually will then return the security deposit. You may want to compare your situation against some of the other FG posters to see if you could find an unsecured card worth risking an inquiry on. It seems the banks have become more flexible for approvals and CL's.
Comment 2 by cfmdev49
Re: Never Raised Limit User Icon on 2012-09-07

Remarks Sadly, many people fall into the toy limit credit card trap...it occurs when people are attempting to "rebuild" their credit. Companies like Cap 1 and First Premier know this and charge you a high interest rate for the privilege of receiving credit. So what to do? The best solution if you have the resources is a secured card. You control the limit and when you receive increases. Like Wanderer pointed out, many times you can "graduate" from a secured card to an unsecured one. It takes time to see results from this method, but you avoid the brand that occurs when prime banks see your low limit and high interest rate. Failing that, a store card can help along with an installment loan. With a good payment history, over time...prime banks will approve you for one of their cards...patience is key...Good luck and hopefully one day...you'll be where you want to be credit wise...
Comment 3 by loveinlifenkc
Re: Never Raised Limit User Icon on 2012-09-10

Remarks It a rebuilder card only. Highest limit I have heard them giving is $750. Maybe its time to move on.
Comment 4 by flirishpm
Re: Never Raised Limit User Icon on 2012-10-01

Remarks I have the Capital One Cash Rewards Visa also and I've never had the CL increased and I'll live with it. I applied for and was approved for their Venture One rewards card in August 2011 with a $3,000 limit so that's another route you may want to explore.
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