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Written by: akcredit on 2012-08-14

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akcredit's review: Hi FG,

This review is not for the Hooters card but for a new card that Merrick bank has Its call Double Your Line Visa. They approve you for a certin amount and double it after 7 months of good payment history. This is my offer they gave me:

On 08-06-12 I received a preapproval letter and they said I was preapproved for $1100. After 7 months of good payment history it will be doubled to $2200. 0 AF and 21.45% APR. I applied online and they said 7-10 days for awnser. I didnt call them and thought it was going to be a denial letter. Got my mail yesterday and what you know I was approved for the card. I hope they give out good increases after the 7 month increase.

CL: $1100 Doubled in 7 months ($2200)
AF: 0
APR: 21.45% ( Bill will be paid every month in full)

Scores: Last time I checked 620-640.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approved For Merrick Bank !!!!!!!! on 2012-08-14

Cooo...l! This is a great card incentive. Congrats!
Comment 2 by finance globe
Re: Approved For Merrick Bank !!!!!!!! on 2012-08-14

I will try to get that card added. Congrats!
Comment 3 by finance globe
Re: Approved For Merrick Bank !!!!!!!! on 2012-08-15

Sorry, but there's not enough info available to add this card.
Comment 4 by akcredit
Re: Approved For Merrick Bank !!!!!!!! on 2012-08-15

Maybe its a invitation only card.
Comment 5 by wndblwn06
Re: Approved For Merrick Bank !!!!!!!! on 2012-08-17

It IS an invitation only card :(
I started out @ $700, now @ $1,400.
Have not received another limit increase
Comment 6 by tyty2010
Re: Approved For Merrick Bank !!!!!!!! on 2012-11-27

Good luck with your new card and rebuilding your credit. Please update when you get a credit line increase. Also thanks for your positive input for myself and others trying to rebuild credit.
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