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Written by: jaime7815702 on 2012-08-08

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jaime7815702's review: Callout Comment I went into the store and wanted to apply to see if i would get it....denied instantly. waited two months and to save myself any emberrasment i applied again on-line. and i got the "we cannot make a decision at this time. call us at 1800 number for verification purpose." so i went into the store and they had to call the 1800 number ask me some question and guess what........congratulation you been approve for $200 cl. small credit limit considering that walmart gave me $400 but it's ok this is actually my 4th credit card from GE.
Jcpenney $200
chevron $300
walmart $400
and now gap... very exicited now i can't stop applying lol


Comment 1 by roughdraft
Re: After Second Try!! User Icon on 2012-08-09

Remarks Looks like GECapital really likes you, as you have several cards with them. They offer a large selection of retail cards, and many of them interchange, for example I think you can your GAP card at Old Navy, and vice versa. Plus, I must say, I really like their stuff. Congrats!
Comment 2 by creditcardaddict
Re: After Second Try!! User Icon on 2012-08-10

Remarks My 18 year old daugter just started her credit with old navy chevron and american eagle.... so far she has gotten very good credit limit increases for example Her american eagle card went from $700 to $900 her chevron card went from $400 to $900. GE does a very good job in helping you with re building or building credit. Use the GAP and pay your small balance in two parts thats what my daugter did. Also our plan is to get her old navy and american eagle converted into VISA later on as her limit increases. ENJOY!!!
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