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Written by: at786 on 2012-08-07

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at786's review: I applied for a delta gold credit card and got approved for a $2000 limit. I felt that the application process was easy and that I might as well try for a charge card so I decided to apply for the zync card as I heard thats the easiest to get approved for. I got approved instantly. I hated this because I wished I applied for the platinum because for some reason its been my dream card for a little while. I applied for the platinum thinking I would never be able to get it as I have only had credit for about 6 months since I am only 18. I applied and was approved. I was shocked by the $450 annual fee but I travel about once or twice annually and hope to get the benefits that come with the card which will hopefully outweigh that tremendous fee. If not, ill close the account next year. Im happy that I was approved for this card but am wondering if this card is normally this easy to get because I was aware that excellent credit is required and although I believe Ive managed my credit very well I dont believe its excellent as of yet, solely because of the length of my credit history. I keep my credit balances very low, usually at zero but use the cards I have fairly well. My Experian score is about 746 which dropped 5 points due to the inquiry.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approved At 18 on 2012-08-08

Amazing! Congrats... few people can do what you did! A Delta Gold too! Also, a FICO Score of 746 is not to shabby. Nice...
Comment 2 by at786
Re: Approved At 18 on 2012-08-08

Thank You! I hope its worth it and helps build my credit further.
Comment 3 by sar1954
Re: Approved At 18 on 2012-08-09

Young and starting out strong, thats awesome, be smart with your choices (although its sounds like you already are). Congrats on Good luck!
Comment 4 by creditcardaddict
Re: Approved At 18 on 2012-08-10

That's awesome keep up the great work must be nice giving the cashier a good lookin card haha.
Comment 5 by mrrob
Re: Approved At 18 on 2012-08-31

I had the AMEX platinum, 1 of the greatest cards to have, the perks are worth the annual fee. Keep it and enjoy it.
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