"Approved. Score 594, $600 Limit."

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Written by: vagabond on 2012-08-06

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vagabond's review: Callout Comment Score 594. Have been using this site and another to build my score from 541 6 months ago. Have opened several lines of credit during this time to build it.

Recently received this card. Within a week of applying. $600 limit. Will help with opening revolving credit and continuing to build score. Another one to sit in the drawer! =D


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approved. Score 594, $600 Limit. User Icon on 2012-08-08

Remarks Good card and a respectable starting CL. Of late, Walmart has been doing CL increases after about four months.
Comment 2 by amie cherry
Re: Approved. Score 594, $600 Limit. User Icon on 2013-02-17

Remarks I am currently helping a group of College kids set a solid financial and credit strong foundation. One in particular is Junior majoring RN that has had the honor of her mother destroying her credit since she was 12! Now (still accounts done---veh in her name) her score is a 564. So as I brain storm all the things to do to strengthen this, I am curious what other cards you were approved for with 594. I basically am getting her a few and putting in the drawer while she is in college unless she needs something--then we charge and immediately pay off. (Not a business--just mentor to a lot of kids). Thanks for info.
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