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Written by: btfleming on 2012-07-08

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btfleming's review: Callout Comment Credit score was really bad as recently as december 2010(525) but started working on getting with bad credit cards with high rates and checking my credit report. Paid my credit card bills on time along with all other bills and continued to apply for retail and other credit cards(walmart,capital one,merrick bank ect...). Accumulated about 6 different cards and disputed all old accts on my credit report and paid off all others and was able to get my credit score to 711 by paying my credit card balances down to 10% an idea that was referred to me by a quicken loans representative and it worked. Was skeptical about applying for amex blue cash because of recent apps to discover which was approved but decided to go for it. Applied and received 10-14 review message but followed instructions of the users of this site and checked the status of my app and was approved. Kinda shocked especially since I read that others had been declined with higher scores . Excited! Will wait on my welcome package to see what my limit is. Good luck to all!


Comment 1 by derek1061
Re: Go For It I Did! User Icon on 2012-07-08

Remarks Congratulations. American Express is a tough cookie to crack, and they chose you. You should feel very proud.
Comment 2 by creditcardaddict
Re: Go For It I Did! User Icon on 2012-07-09

Remarks Did you get the one with no annual fee or the one with an annual fee. The 6 percent cash back sounds very good. Although 3 percent cash back with no annual also sounds good. Either way congrats!!
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