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Written by: loveinlifenkc on 2012-06-02

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loveinlifenkc's review: Initially declined- stupidly entered my salary as my rent. Got a letter stating "Income too low for obligations" - which was really weird. So I called- was approved for $200 credit limit. Of course I asked for a higher CL- was told in order to have limit raised would have to have another hard pull. I was reluctant but agreed. Even though my rent was corrected at the time of the hard pull- it had not been cycled through the system. A little annoying cause you would think they might suspect that BEFORE they pulled again. Anyway- when the card came (with $200 limit) I called again- asked for a credit limit of $2000 to match my Discover. Only approved for $1500. Good news is this was not another hard pull. Not really excited about this one. Partly my own fault.

Pulled Equifax- score about 720 at the time. Had about 8 inquiries however 5 were from a recent auto loan. Up side is 18 months interest free financing. $5 fee for balance transfers. May transfer Walmart and Penny's small balance just to start using te card and take advantage of the free interest.

Luke warm excitement. Gardening

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Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approved-Low Limit on 2012-06-04

Welcome to Chase! You turned this into a positive. FICO Score good. Work the card and see if Chase will increase the CL.
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