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Written by: jb03 on 2012-05-30

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jb03's review: Applied and approved for Freedom at first, decided I wanted Slate instead. Reapplied for Slate and also approved. Consolidating Slate and Freedom card to have a total CL of $7500. Thanks CHASE. The back-door number is awesome when dealing with CLI and such
1 888 245 0625.


Comment 1 by creditcardaddict
Re: APPROVED on 2012-05-30

WOW thats excellent! I applied for this but was declined due to my debt and too many inquiries. Now you have one of the best credit cards in the USA! Congratulations!!
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: APPROVED on 2012-05-31

Congrats! You have the top shelf prime cards.
Comment 3 by roughdraft
Re: APPROVED on 2012-05-31

Congrats! Nice to have gotten this card, but it makes it even better that you were able to negotiate a consolodition for a higher CL. Nice!
Comment 4 by kdb030609
Congratulations!!! on 2012-05-31

Chase definitely has some good cards! I curious to know why you chose to keep the slate over the freedom! I have the freedom and it has all the same features as the slate. Plus you earn rewards as well ! Was the interest rate better for the slate card ? I've got 8.99% on my freedom card .
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