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Written by: setifirst on 2012-05-29

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setifirst's review: This weekend 05/26/2012, I responded to a mail offer with a pre-approved status, applied online and got a response in a minute with approval but did not say the credit limit. within 24 hrs, got an email with the decision and to register online for my account until I receive the card. I was able to register in few minutes and saw my credit line. The whole process was smooth, very gald to get this card with no fees and generous CL..
Not sure what is my score now, last month was about 745 at Experian.


Comment 1 by derek1061
Re: APPROVED ONLINE INSTANTLY For $2000 on 2012-05-29

Congratulations. Thats excellent
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: APPROVED ONLINE INSTANTLY For $2000 on 2012-05-29

Welcome to the FG Discover Card Club. We all have been reading each other's posts since this time last year and set the world on fire. Discover is HOT at FG!
Comment 3 by creditcardaddict
Re: APPROVED ONLINE INSTANTLY For $2000 on 2012-05-29

Great! I also got a pre-approval but was denied, didn't really like the rep that reviewed my application. Ill re-try in the future. Congrats!!
Comment 4 by aleatha
Re: APPROVED ONLINE INSTANTLY For $2000 on 2012-06-08

Congrats to you. I also applied for this CC on 5/26 but it was not a instant approval. I got a phone call in my office on 5/28 and I was ask a couple of questions about my credit and I was approved. My credit limit is $6000 and she did ask me did I want more on my CL and I said no because that CL is more then enough.
Comment 5 by flirishpm
Re: APPROVED ONLINE INSTANTLY For $2000 on 2012-06-11

In September 2011, I applied for and was approved for the Discover More Card...credit line $1,000. I use it every month for the cash back rewards and pay in full each month. Credit line for me could be higher but I'll wait and let it mature and see if Discover increases it for me.
Comment 6 by wndblwn06
Re: APPROVED ONLINE INSTANTLY For $2000 on 2012-06-13

I want this card so badly and have been so patient! Must wait another month or so until the $2000 in payments i just made towards my cc balances is reported, which should bring me close to 25% usage. Then i figure I will qualify for this card. (I'm currently @ 684 EQ) I'll be looking to transfer another $2000 of balances to this card. Could someone please give me some idea of what percentage of the balance the monthly pmt is on this card? Thx!
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