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Written by: akcredit on 2012-05-21

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akcredit's review: Callout Comment Hi FG

Me and my wife opened a Checking account and a Savings account and she was Preapproved for 500 CL. 0% apr for 15 months and 18.99 after that intro. 10 points per swipe and 10% extra points per month for all accumalated points.Not bad for 8 month credit history.
Now she has BOA Secured-500 Cap one 500 Chase 500. Well apply for macys soon and we will be done for the year. I want macys because she needs an department store card. I dont know her scores but she does 3 Inq.
what might of helped is she has over 10 K of cards as an autherized user. Looking forward for the rewards.

Thank You.


Comment 1 by creditcardaddict
Re: Approved!!!! User Icon on 2012-05-21

Remarks Hey! Looks like you were able to get the Chase Freedom thats awesome! Macys will most likely accept her. Keep posting all your approvals. Welcome to the world of credit and Congrats!
Comment 2 by faith
Re: Approved!!!! User Icon on 2012-05-21

Remarks Congrats on the approval AKCREDIT. I love my Chase Freedom Visa, they're a little tough with CLI's (usually a hard pull) but I like their rewards and customer service.
Comment 3 by akcredit
Re: Approved!!!! User Icon on 2012-05-22

Remarks Thank you Creditcardaddict and Faith

You see she just came here last summer and I wanted to build and establish credit for her. I have bad credit and I try to dispute my report every 2-3 months since last summer. I delete few collections, few CO, and my tax lein. I am trying hard like everbody else in America. You see with Chase if you have an account like a checking with them and show good proformace in your account. They offer you Credit Cards, and also they pull a full report on you. This what happend with my dad he opened 3 business accounts. He has 3 credit pulls from Chase. The 3rd pull they approved him 5K. I have a friend of mine Chase gave him 3 Credit Cards within a year period back in 08-09. Plus a WaMu account that they let him keep. Chase used to give him a CLI for his cards every other month. Chase is a good prime bank to start off with. As far as CLI goes I hope they increase it every 5-6 months. Well see by the end of the year, and looking forward to the rewards. Thank you for reading.
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