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Written by: ash on 2007-09-25

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ash's review: Callout Comment Do you think they will give me one? I pulled my TU FICO which is 623, but when I applied I got the we are processing your app, wait 7-10 days.


Comment 1 by ash
Got It, But Dissapointed User Icon on 2007-10-02

Remarks I applied on 09/25 and got the 7-10 day message. I called them this morning and they said I was appoved. I have a previous BK from 2002 and my transunion was 623. I have a lot of inquires and credit cards. I was hoping they would give me a higher limit so I could close the old subprimes. They gave me a $500 limit. On the juniper my limit is 1500...
Comment 2 by meya
Re: Ash User Icon on 2007-10-02

Remarks Your inq might have stalled the limit. Call and ask them for a reconsideration. I am not a fan of recons but give it a try, you never know what may happen.
Comment 3 by ash
Re: Meya User Icon on 2007-10-04

Remarks No can do on the $500 limit... I called hooters and they said the credit limits are based on your FICO and credit report (My FICOs 623TU, 636 Exp, Eqfx 603). How is Hooters on credit limit increases??? Also I got a preapproval from Merrick Bank Visa, but when I applied for that one I also got the 7-10 day message like hooters. I thought maybey its because they also issue cards for hooters.

Maybey I just have too many trade lines??? I may just go ahead and close out my subprimes anyway. (Salute, Tribute, Aspen, and First Preimer) Maybey I can get a better card in a few months. Other limits... Junniper/Barkley is 1500K, Applied Card Bank 1450K, Orchard 1100K.
Comment 4 by meya
Re: Ash User Icon on 2007-10-04

Remarks Hi Ash, I just received the card myself so I am not for sure about the cli's. I usually ask for one every 6 months or sometimes earlier. If they charge you for a manual increase, just wait until they offer one. You are very smart to get rid of your accounts that you discussed. It is best to get the 'top dog' credit cards and grow from them.
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