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Written by: derek5913 on 2012-04-24

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derek5913's review: Callout Comment Read about the applicants who were approved in the past, then I applied figuring I was well within the recommended FICO scores needed. Was instantly denied, with EQ 640, had a BK 4 years ago but clean history since then with no debts go figure!


Comment 1 by roughdraft
Re: Instant Denial User Icon on 2012-04-24

Remarks I started rebuilding with their secured card, over 2 years ago. I had it for six months, then applied and was approved for an unsecured card. Initial credit limit was$ 500 then went to $750 after five billing cycles. They say that the secured will not convert to an unsecured card...even thought that's what they told me at time of approval, they swear it doesn't work that way. So I closed the secured card after a year and a half, and got back my $3000. You can start with as little as $200. Knowing that it will not unsecure, start low and close it after a couple years. By then you should see better scores and maybe have applied for a store card, or an installment loan.
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Instant Denial User Icon on 2012-04-25

Remarks Bummer! Capital One denied me a card due to a BK on my record (six years back). Then through some fluke I got a Capital One Card with steps. After the steps they refused me anything else because I had had a BK. Go figure...? Yeah... as to being in the FICO Score range, I have been and denied on several cards. It is frustrating!
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