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Written by: classy75 on 2012-04-24

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classy75's review: Callout Comment The first time I applied for this card I was denied, but I was told to reapply in 60 days by the CSR. Of course, I was a little leery of this advice. However, I decided to take a chance at the 55 day mark because in this gas market who doesn't need a gas card for emergencies. Besides, I had worked on all of the factors that lead to my initial denial and my credit score had increased by about 30 points since my first application. They used their own scoring system and they pulled Transunion. I received an instant approval on line which also stated that the card would arrive in 7-10 days. My credit score at the time of approval was 629. Good Luck! Please note that the APR on this card is 26.99, so you may not want to carry a balance.


Comment 1 by creditcardaddict
Re: Approved User Icon on 2012-04-24

Remarks Congratulations!!! Right now they have the SPRING BONUS on accounts approved 4-1-12 thru 6-30-12 so go use it and pay it in full so they can give a CLI within 4 to 6 months. I applied but was approved for the VISA version so it's pretty difficult to use it only at chevron, and like you mentoned you don't want to carry a balance with such a high APR. What CL did they provide you with?
Comment 2 by classy75
Re: Approved User Icon on 2012-04-24

Remarks They gave me a $750.00 credit limit. I am okay with that for starting out. I didn't try for the Visa, I didn't want to push it.
Comment 3 by creditcardaddict
Re: Approved User Icon on 2012-04-25

Remarks Nice limit. They tend to increase it so that is a good start.
Comment 4 by classy75
Re: Approved User Icon on 2012-04-26

Remarks That's good to know. My CLI have not been so great so far. Walmart gave me 200.00. Of all the cards I have applied for, this one is the greatest limit. Maybe that is an indication that my overall credit health is improving. Now I have to wait on inquiries to fall off. Some of which were not initiated by me. I got my utilization rate down to 28% and it is steadily dropping. I am just going to keep at it.
Comment 5 by creditcardaddict
Re: Approved User Icon on 2012-05-03

Remarks Yes keep it up! and I've noticed that the less debt your in and less inquiries when applying for a credit card the more credit they give you and they will provide you with an INSTANT answer. I've experienced it myself.
Comment 6 by classy75
Re: Approved User Icon on 2012-05-24

Remarks You are right! My utilization is down to 14% now. I have gotten a few increases on my old accounts that were initiated by the creditor. One I have had for 3 years and I have never gotten more than 100.00 at a time. They increased me by 250.00. You are right and I invite any more advice you may have for me. Also, I have a few accounts that do not report to the credit bureaus that I don't use that much any more because I have options now, they all increased my limits as well. Thanks!
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