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Written by: creditcardaddict on 2012-01-20

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creditcardaddict's review: Callout Comment Applied last night and called a minute ago and asked them what was the status on my application. I had applied for the Visa Signature but was approved for the retail card with a $1,000 CL. Can you upgrade to a Visa in the future with Nordstrom? Also do they do CLI? I guess 1,000 isn't that bad hopefully I can upgrade in the future.

P.S Nordstrom does have an amazing customer service they all answer your questions, and try to help you as much as they can.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: APPROVED ONLINE User Icon on 2012-01-20

Remarks Congrats! Regular department store cards tend to run lower CL's and higher apr's than bank cards. You did well! Do you know what your FICO Scores were?
Comment 2 by creditcardaddict
Re: APPROVED ONLINE User Icon on 2012-01-24

Remarks You know what I haven't checked but I do know that they pull Equifax and right now im just monitoring my experian because im expecting a macys amex hard pull and want to see how that goes but last time i checked on equifax which was 1 month ago it was 690 but it must of lowered since i applied for the nordstrom.
Comment 3 by thelakes80
Re: APPROVED ONLINE User Icon on 2012-02-07

Remarks Thats great I have a nordstrom card as well but the VISA version you should ask for an upgrade in 6 to 8 months thats how I did it and they gave a 5K CL its pretty good.
Comment 4 by dulce2012
Re: APPROVED ONLINE User Icon on 2012-10-31

Remarks I applied online and yes their customer service is great however I was declined only for inquiriews they are very inquiry sensitve I was instructed waith six months then apply again tu 679 ex 697 eq 669
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