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Written by: jacob1 on 2012-01-10

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jacob1's review: So I found this's site a few months ago and did nothing but research and more research. So my credit is horrible 469 avg scores 5 judgements w
Had went through some bad times on top of making some bad decisions getting ready for a bankruptcy anyway so after I did my reasearch and figured on what card I wanted I called the back door number and asked what would be the best way to apply with a cosigner and gave her my situation she said best way for their card is have my mom with spotless credit go on first and me be the second and do all this in store I said ok

Went into the store with my mom scores. 750 avg 40% avg credit Utl had her go on first and I went second BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Instant approval 2800 my mouth dropped "sweet" so I got a iPad2 for my wife's Christmas present 0% 6 months

I have gone on 1 other account with her before at les Shawn tires gave me what I needed for my tires, 4 tires total 439.00, I applied and came back 50% down with a tier1 cosigner called her up she agreed I put 300.00 cash up charged the rest to the account payed off in 3 months never used again


Comment 1 by derek1061
Re: Approved Found The Trick on 2012-01-10

I wasn't aware you could apply for this card with a co-signer.
Comment 2 by jacob1
Re: Approved Found The Trick on 2012-01-10

Ya in store only there is a lot of lenders that don't look at cosigners if the primary is in great shape
Comment 3 by loveinlifenkc
Re: Approved Found The Trick on 2012-02-16

Yes, Best Buy thought I should get a co-signer as well. I opted for another card.
Comment 4 by tbboko802
Re: Approved Found The Trick on 2012-05-04

If you are getting ready for a bankruptcy, why did you get a new credit card?
Comment 5 by jacob1
Re: Approved Found The Trick on 2012-05-13

As long as there is no balance on the account when i file i dont have toclaim it at all says me attorney its the best way to rebuild after i file
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