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Written by: bernhardtra on 2012-01-06

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bernhardtra's review: Callout Comment I have used this card for up to 3 times the credit limit and I have not received a limit increase past my initial one at the 4th month. I have transferred balances, made purchases, left the card at 0, nothing seems to work to get a limit increase. 1 year and 4 months with no limit increase. I am not going to make a mistake with the limit or the payment, so they are out of luck if they think they will earn money from me that way. I have spoken with them and nothing can be done. They actually reissued me a card once because they did not understand the English wording I used, because it was not so simple, even though it was clear. Then they told me they would express the card to me, then said no they wouldn't, then calling back they said OK they would. It was a temporary card and then they never sent me a permanent card. I had to call back and get that done while on vacation which they said they would express, then they didn't. Then I had to call back and get that taken care of.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: No Credit Increases User Icon on 2012-01-07

Remarks Understand your plight. Many of us on the FG site used Capital One to rebuild. Unfortunately, they do NOT grow as the customer grows. They have rolled out many new prime cards but still have their old thinking so far! Also, I don't waste inquiries on Capital One. Once the path is cut in rebuilding I go elsewhere for better cards.
Comment 2 by bc8787
Re: No Credit Increases User Icon on 2012-01-08

Remarks Capitalone will never give you an increase. I have had that card for 6 years I call every 6 months finally had to close it I have other cards with much much higher limits. good starter card and thats it
Comment 3 by scamps218
Re: No Credit Increases User Icon on 2012-01-16

Remarks The nature of this card, and Capital One for that matter, is to cater to the "sub-prime" market. Therefore, they do not increase credit limits past the initial 4-6 month limit increase. They are a company that makes money by in volume, rather than individual purchases. From a business standpoint, they are one of the credit card companies that are doing quite well. Be advised that others are or will begin to follow in this model.
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