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Written by: nuovocapitolo on 2011-12-20

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nuovocapitolo's review: My scores were as follows :TU 679 EX-698 EF-679
APR 26.99, $0 annual fee. CL $200.

Thought I would try....also INQ are in the twenties. I know, I know I really need to stop applying.....


Comment 1 by isadorer
Re: Approved Online on 2011-12-20

Why is cl so low when you apply, i also apply online in october and got a low cl my scores was experian625. transunion 685, exquifax 615 they pull transunion and i only had 4 inquires with in the last year and only two baddies which will come off in march 2012.
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Approved Online on 2011-12-20

Congrats! GEMoney Bank issues the JCPenney Card. Use the card and pay promptly. Credit line increases will be approved after a few months.
Comment 3 by nuovocapitolo
Re: Approved Online on 2011-12-20

Being and GE Money Bank Credit card was one of the reasons I applied. I have (4) accts with them now.
Comment 4 by patrick12
Re: Approved Online on 2011-12-20

You can use you JC penny's charge at CVS/Pharmacy and Rite Aid too! :)
Comment 5 by wanderer
Re: Approved Online on 2011-12-21

Why is the credit line so low...? It would depend on your curent credit reports. Items such as "average age of accounts," "total account age," payment history, credit mix (installment loans, bank cards, store cards, mortgages), judgements, collections, late payments. These are essentially the items that determine the CL. When I signed up for JCPenney they started me with a CL of $1,000 so it depends on the market place too (economy).
Comment 6 by nuovocapitolo
Re: Approved Online on 2011-12-21

As mentioned in previous posts, I have alot of inquiries and I should lay off the applications......short "good" credit history as well....I am happy with $200.....I have $1000 from Kohls
Comment 7 by patrick12
Re: Approved Online on 2011-12-21

I have read on different web sites where GE Money can be more stingy on internet approvals, basically because of a higher risk of fraud versus an instore approval where the cashier can easily verify the applicant hints a higher credit limit. Dont know this to be 100% accurate, but it would make sense.
Comment 8 by isadorer
Re: Approved Online on 2011-12-21

It is true because i apply online got approve with low cl. i call customer service wanted to know why cl was so low she said when you apply online it will be lower she if i would have apply in store it would have been higher cl,she also said after i make 4 payment they increase it anyway.i got approve online in october for 300.
Comment 9 by mizzcc1
Re: Approved Online on 2011-12-23


Don't worry about the credit limit. GE is great with increasing limits every 3 months or so. I applied for this card and received a crappy initial credit line of $150. For three months, I paid on time. At the end of the three months, I applied online for a credit increase and my line of credit increased to $1500! I still get a higher credit line every three months. I am up to $2000 now, so just pay on time and they will reward you with more spending power. Good luck!
Comment 10 by wndblwn06
Re: Approved Online on 2012-01-01

I have had this card for only a year, started with a $150 CL (applied online). After a year of regular use, mostly paying in full, I am up to a $2,300 CL.
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